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Why Professional Audio Is Important

Why Professional Audio Is Important

When considering sound for a church or auditorium, there is one and only one goal:  The pastor, presenter or performer must be able to communicate to the audience.  That’s it, period.  If the sound is harsh, muddy or unnatural sounding, the audience will sense this immediately and effective communication will be more difficult.  Too many squeals or sound that just cannot be heard may cause people to leave or not to come back.

Because off-the-shelf sound systems are readily available and easy to plug together, many systems have been installed by well-meaning amateurs.  Too often, these systems are fraught with feedback, unnatural sound, hums or buzzes, and areas of seating that are too loud or too soft.  Yes, they are cheaper to install because the labor is often free but, if the end goal is not fully achieved, is that really a good deal?

Since every church or auditorium is different, every sound system must be different.  Mics must be selected properly.  Speakers must be selected so that their characteristics match the space to be covered.  Proper amplifier power needs to be determined.  And, the right mixer needs to be selected, not just for the number of inputs but for the type of operation that is required.  Then, there is the often overlooked equalizer and/or processor that “tunes” the system to the sanctuary or auditorium.  Proper set up of these components results in a system that sounds natural and resists feedback.  A system where every listener can hear the program well.  A system that is easy to operate.

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