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What We Do

what we do

WILCO Custom Electronics provides design, sales, installation and repair of

commercial and residential audio, video and control systems.

Based in Richmond, Indiana – Serving Richmond and all the surrounding areas.

Home Entertainment

While we have some favorite brands that tend to show up in many systems, there is no “cookie cutter” system that works in every home. Every home is different and every system is customized to your needs.
“Custom” doesn’t mean expensive. Sure, some people have thousands of dollars to sink in a high-end home theater but some customers just need a flat panel and speakers mounted on the wall with no wires showing. To us, custom means sitting down with the customer and listening to his or her needs, wants, and budget then, tailoring a system that is the best fit.
Home entertainment isn’t just sound and video. Control is every bit as important. What good is any system if it’s too complicated to run? It’s so frustrating to have to be a rocket scientist to understand all those controls. WILCO offers a full line of controls that lets everyone enjoy even the most complicated system. Dim the lights, lower the shades and start the movie all with the touch of a button! Here are some Manufacturers we trust and use frequently.

Auditorium Sound

Great sound systems can’t be heard. Wait. What? Think about it. You don’t want to hear too much bass or too much treble. You certainly don’t want to hear hums or buzzes or ear-splitting feedback! Ever heard a sound system constantly cutting in and out? All of these are examples of times when you are hearing the sound system. It distracts you from the sermon or shatters the dramatic scene. That’s why we offer church audio setups in Richmond, Indiana. After re-designing a theater sound system, we got one of the best comments ever: “Was the sound system working? I heard every single word from the stage but I couldn’t tell if the sound system was on.” We assured her she would have known if the system was NOT on and thanked her for the compliment!
Like our residential work, WILCO also customizes our commercial work to your needs and budget. Maybe the sound at your church or auditorium needs a complete overhaul or maybe just a new microphone. Whatever the need, WILCO can customize a solution. We also do commercial audio systems for restaurants, bars, and places of business.
And, it’s not just sound. These days, many churches have video projection systems. Meeting rooms have projectors or flat panel TV’s. Bars have multiple panel TV’s. WILCO can help with these systems as well. Here are some Manufacturers we trust and use frequently.

Multi-room Audio

In the home, multi-room audio (or whole home music) really sets the mood. Unlike TV, music playing doesn’t distract you from other activities. You can have sound in the kitchen for cooking and entertaining, sound in the bedroom to help wake you up, sound on the deck for summer nights or parties. Most systems allow different music to play in different areas or, if you’re having a party, you can have the same thing playing everywhere.
The most popular systems connect to the Internet so you, literally, can play music from all over the world. They are often controlled with apps for your iOS or Android device, giving you complete control at your fingertips.
Like all of WILCO’s systems, multi-room audio systems are customized to your needs. You can start with a single, portable speaker on your desk and expand later or you can have speakers installed in ceilings in each room.
And, multi-room audio isn’t limited to homes. Many businesses have systems that add that special ambiance for customers and employees. Here are some Manufacturers we trust and use frequently.

Home Networking

Home networking used to be for browsing the web and checking email. Today, many of the electronic devices we install either connect to the network for streaming options or use the network to communicate with other devices. Add to this the fact that we have iPods, iPhones, iPads, laptops, Kindle readers, gaming systems, well, you get the picture. The demands that all of these devices place on your network push consumer grade routers to their limits. In larger homes, the coverage from a typical wireless router often leaves areas of the home without adequate signal.
WILCO uses enterprise grade routers and access points in our larger systems. Stepping up to a higher grade will cost a few more bucks but will provide you with a system that works reliably, everywhere in the home. Here are some Manufacturers we trust and use frequently.

Direct TV

WILCO is a DirecTV retailer.  This means we sell the DirecTV service, complete with all DirecTV new-customer rebates, and we install what we sell.  If you call DirecTV, you can order service but you won’t get a WILCO installation and you won’t have anyone local to call if you need help.  But, if you call WILCO, you’ll get the same great deal AND local installation and support.

WILCO also does custom DirecTV work that is beyond a typical installation.  Let’s say you hate the look of electronic components.  You want the flat panel TV on the wall with no wires visible and the DirecTV receiver in a closet out of sight.  We can do that!  Or, you want custom remote controls that will integrate with your other A/V components.  Maybe you have a large home with more than the typical number of receivers.  WILCO can build a DirecTV system that works regardless of your needs.

With WILCO, there’s no high pressure sales pitch. We will simply talk with you about your needs, show you your options and configure a system that best fits your needs and your budget.

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