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How Custom Control Can Make Life Easier

How Custom Control Can Make Life Easier

Home theaters or home entertainment systems come in all different shapes and sizes.  It can be anything from a common room with a TV and receiver to a dedicated theater room with a 4k projector and 9.1 surround.  Regardless the size and scale of your entertainment system, it’s not very useful if it is difficult to control.

Every component comes with a factory remote and the most savvy operators may be able to navigate a handful of remotes with ease.  To help with this problem, several “universal” remotes are on the market.  These remotes can help but few, if any, really solve the problem.  They can be configured to control your system but in their way of thinking, not yours.  And, you often are still left with multiple remotes because there will be that one button that you need but is not able to be programmed into the universal remote.

WILCO offers true custom remote controls.  These controls can look like a standard “wand” style remote, they can be two-handed models with touch screens or they can be apps on your iPad.  Regardless what physical form you choose, every button on the remote is custom programmed to operate your system in the easiest and most intuitive way for YOU.  You might have one button that is labeled “Watch a Movie.”  Pressing this will turn on the TV (if it’s not already on), turn on the Blu-Ray, turn on the receiver, set all the inputs and outputs and configure the buttons on the remote control so that “PLAY” starts the DVD and “VOL+” turns up the receiver.  When “Watch TV” is pressed, only the TV and set-top box are turned on and everything is configured so that “PLAY” starts your DVR and “VOL+” turns up the TV volume.

A custom control can be set up for any system, from the simplest to the most complex.  Call Rick at WILCO Custom to get a free in-home consultation.

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